Save Children with Autism Uganda (SCAU) is a recognized Not-for-profit that seeks to provide evidence based autism support interventions in Uganda. The charity is legally permitted under the Laws of the Republic of Uganda to offer support to Autistic persons and families as well as other beneficiaries supposed to empower the autistic all over the country. SCAU is politically and culturally unbound; it is not tied to any political or religious organizations. Volunteer ship is inclusively open.
SCAU was started in July 2017 to mobilize support critically required to salvage the plight of Autistic persons in Uganda’s society.

The charity was conceived by a team of three partners led by Kizito Adam having learnt about evidence based autistic interventions from Higashi School of Autism where he previously worked. The school is based in Boston Massachusetts, USA. The other partners include Henry Kirumaganyi and Lwanga Isma Jamada who together with Kizito are Directors of SCAU. We virtually knew nothing about the plight of Autism in Uganda until the proponents conducted an exploratory study from which SCAU was born.

The study was about different regions of the country, namely Central, Western, Northern and Eastern Uganda. Results show that Autism, formally known as Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), is so common, widely misunderstood and mishandled in our motherland Uganda. This is most common in ill-informed communities in which most children with symptoms related to ASD are ignorantly neglected and at times rejected. This unfairly renders autistic persons useless even in their adult age. That was verified in the subsequent SCAU needs assessment survey in Central Uganda and the rest of the regions.

Empowering individuals, Building communities where children and Families living with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) are treated with respect and dignity.

SCAU envisions a Uganda with a generation of autistic persons who are empowered, cherished and independent in society.