Lutaaya’s Story

Every mother in the world expects to give birth to a very normal beautiful bouncing baby. Unfortunately, this is not the case for Lutaaya Brian’s mother, whose baby boy born without an utterance of a sound, not even a tiny little baby cry from him. With worry and uncertainty, he was taken to Mulago hospital where they suspected yellow fever since he was all yellow in color. This forced the hospital to send him to the special care unit where he got discharged after two months because he was just getting thinner.

Two years later, Lutaaya could neither crawl nor sit like any other normal two year old boy which filled his guardian with so much worry.

At four years old, he started crawling, this is when they realized that he had a problem with his hand which was not detected a bit earlier. At this age, he started to walk, and another problem came in when it was discovered that his leg had a problem as well yet he was still unable to speak. At seven years old, Lutaaya surprised everyone when he uttered his first words in all his existence.

Physical State

Lutaaya is physically disabled since he still straggles with pain in his hand, constant falls when playing, vomiting after having a meal and nose bleeding.

Medical State

A doctor from Bazade clinic, a health care in Busega where he stays, informed his mother that the problem of his abnormality is a nerve from the brain.


Despite all Lutaaya’s disabilities, he is a positive and happy spirit who sometimes laughs and has hobbies like the love of animals especially goats, whenever he touches one, the animal becomes so tender and tamed unlike before. He even won a sack race and asked for a goat as his prize. He loves soccer, listening to radio, and the desire to go to school.


His mother with need for him to get educated, tried two schools where one is in Entebbe and another in Mengo, but both these schools turned out to be too expensive for her to afford. However, he is currently sponsored by Cheshire Services Uganda who enable him to get an education.

Guardian’s Request

She would like her son to go to school, acquire education and get a better health attention from therapists.