Become a Volunteer

At SCAU we pride ourselves on low administration costs to save children with Autism through the invaluable help of volunteers. As we continue to develop charity work, our need for additional support grows too. This means we need more volunteers on board.
Our volunteers can take on a variety of roles such as mobilisation and awareness of communities to get to know about autism and support persons living with autism spectrum disorders. In case you are closer and willing to volunteer you can physically visit our head offices.

There are also opportunities for volunteers far away. Volunteers in other parts of country take initiative to fundraise and raise awareness about autism on behalf of SCAU in their local areas. Those outside Uganda or the rest of the world also fundraise for SCAU to execute and carry on with this noble cause that remains urgent in our less developing society, Uganda.


We are currently dependent on generous funding from partners including volunteers, friends and donors. You can join us through donating the little at your disposal. Any single coin can make a difference.


You can be our ambassador by spreading the SCAU gospel. You can help explain the social aspirations of SCAU, mobilise volunteers and donors on our behalf.

If you’re interested in volunteering with us please  email us  for more information.

Volunteer opportunities in Uganda

    • Fundraising Events
    • Conference
    • Office Work
    • Become an Autism  Representative
    • Contribute by Talent or Service

Volunteers abroad can do

    • Fundraising
    • Promotions
    • Advertising