Corporate Management

SCAU is entirely overseen by the Board of Directors as the topmost organ in charge of strategic decision making. The Board is constituted by the Executive Director (founder) and all other Directors respectively in charge of Operations (founder), Autism Rehabilitation and Education, as well as Finance and Administration (see the management structure above). The board also includes an ex-officio Director as one of the three founders of SCAU. As enlisted SCAU personnel the directors, except the ex-officio oversee implementation of decisions despite their voluntary service. Middle managers are in charge of close supervision of the charity activities of subordinate staff and service delivery rendered by technocrats and contractors.

Despite the perceivably hierarchical authority, SCAU adopt a bottom- top approach of communication to ensure ownership and collective responsibility in the delivery of service. In so doing we offer realistic solution to the beneficiary needs. SCAU also seeks to establish an enviably lasting rapport with target communities through dedicated voluntary Autism support service. This is guaranteed by a soundly coordinated staff through the above management hierarchy and effective communication commensurate with best practice.

Management communication also involves seeking feedback from communities we serve so as to accommodate the demands of society. We believe in strategic management schemes not only to thrust performance of SCAU but also to harmonies with social dynamics.

We subscribe to the UN Global Compact Network which promotes sustainable growth and citizenship through committed corporate leadership. We support the principles of the Global Compact with respect to human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption. The following are key principles that form part of our strategy, culture and day-to-day operations:

  1. We respect human rights and the dignity of all staff and volunteers and do not tolerate unfair discrimination or favouritism. We comply with labour laws and related regulations, safety and health policies and standards of decent work.
  2. We respect our partners and comply with the principles of good governance that inspire confidence of our partners.
  3. We respect our beneficiaries. We value their feedback and do not mislead or exploit them. We comply with consumer protection laws, refrain from anti-competitive practice, and ensure that our services meet health and safety standards.
  4. Interaction with our partners is based on mutual respect and therefore, we engage in win-win relationships. We comply with all contractual and legal obligations agreed with our partners. We endeavour never to harm our working relationships.
  5. We respect the social and cultural norms of communities in which we operate. We comply with the ethical norm of the society from whom we earn our permit to operate.
  6. We respect elected governments, the rule of law, and all organs of the state. We comply with all laws and regulations of our country, and we pay our dues.
  7. We treat our natural environment and biodiversity with respect. We comply with environmental laws and regulations and implement environmentally sustainable practices.

With our commitment to corporate best practice, we are wining overwhelming social support and we hope to broaden our scope of work.