Bengo Deogratius is a 16 year old born without complications until he got a very serious fever when he was about 2years. In addition to the fever, he began experiencing violent seizures that caused his parents to worry about him. So he was taken to a hospital in Luweero though the drugs prescribed only made his condition worse since the seizures increased and there was no change in the fever.

Over the years, Deo’s condition got extremely serious that his mother considered taking him to a mental hospital in Butabika, but this was inappropriate because Deo was not mad as she had presumed.

Desperate to see her son get better, Deo’s mother found another hospital in Kasana Luweero that was reputed to be effective. The hospital prescribed some medication that has sustained him ever since.

Now at 16years, the seizures are not as persistent as they used to be though the fever was so severe that his brain got damaged and reduced his talking capability. He has difficulty in speech and his reasoning capacity is comparable to that of a child.

Physical State


Medical State

Difficulty in speech

Brain damage




He was once enrolled in a mainstream school in Luweero but he was unable to concentrate. During school hours, he could disrupt the whole school.

Guardian’s Request

A special education system that accommodates people like her son.

Financial support and basic needs for her son and the family.