Student information:
Name: Kungu Gene
DOB 27/09/2013
Primary language- Lunyole
Age- 5 years
Language of instructions: English

Parents/ guardian information:
Kungu Peter – relationship to student father
Home telephone +256 782628954
Primary language: Lunyole

Kungu Barbra- relationship to student mother.
Home tel. +256 774855507
Primary language: Lunyole
City- Kampala
Village- Kasangati

History/ background:
Kungu Gene was born on the 27th of September 2013 in Kasangati Uganda.

The parents reported history of mental disabilities in the paternal family, birth complications (fetal and maternal distress, birth asphyxia and vacuum delivery), difficulty in both expressive and receptive communication, poor social interaction (prefers being alone),insensitive to danger like a speeding car, has a good memory of sequential patterns, no reported severe complications or medical issues and has good eating habits

No medical diagnosis yet but been assessed thrice and typical symptoms of autism were noticed and been advised to start behavioral and communication therapies.

Other characteristics:
Apart from his limitation in doing most self-care skills and basic chores, Kungu needs continuous support and care to be able to eat well (he has poor appetite) support to communicate and relate with the environment. He lacks both self-care and social skills. Repeats sequential phrases and statements at a time he wishes to. He can respond when called by his name.
Afraid to communicate when there are many people (toilet manners not bad)

Present level of performance: currently Kungu cannot shower independently needs physical assistance to pour soap on the wash cloth, scrub himself with the wash cloth on the back, head (hair) etc. He also needs assistance while using bathroom to sit and remain seated for the entire bathroom exercise. To wipe himself and even wash hands.

Communication skills:
Kungu communicates using total communication, try’s reading, pointing cues facial expression. Agitation, tantrums are his most common ways in which he communicates plus crying.Required intervention: speech and language therapy, occupational therapy

Kungu needs to be taught sign language and be provided with other communication gadgets like talkers, iPads etc.
currently caregivers/ guardians communicate using visual cards, pictorials. Sign language will enable him to communicate with a wide range of person- given its standard nature and hence improve social skills plus working on his daily life habits.

Social skills:
Currently the SCAU has a program for community outings where Kungu attends weddings, church, restaurants, hang outs, shopping malls, health camps. In doing this Kungu will interact with the community and seems to appreciate/ enjoy the outings and improve social interactions.

Parents request:
Admission to a special school where he can be taught self-care skills i.e. showering, toileting, dressing, meal time etiquette/ protocol is the most preferred.
Support financially or bursary to enable the child get the necessary therapeutic interventions which they can’t afford.

Vision statement:
Our vision is to see Kungu continue to improve in all areas, start learning core skills he doesn’t have now like self-care skills, improve in communication and social community skills.Under SCAU Kungu should be able to use bathroom, eat well, sit and eat in an orderly manner, take a shower with minimum assistance or independently.