Kakooza Swabra was born in 2009 without any complications. At the age of 5years her misery began details of which could not be comprehended. Formerly she had attended both baby and middle classes at a kindergarten for 2years, subsequently she acquired a severe and erratic illness that interfered with her mainstream education.

This horrible nightmare, together with the mystery death of her father Mr. Kakooza in 2014 consequently forced Swabra’s mother to abandon her together with her elder brother at a prayer house of Namungoona primary school. At that time she had lost all hope since her late husband was the bread winner of the family.

That long story to happiness prompted a good Samaritan, Ms. Sarah who doubles as the head mistress to the above school and Swabra’s guardian to feed her with parental love and accommodation up to date.

However, the dilemma occurred when Swabra’s only lighting candle blew, leaving Ms. Sarah stranded with two kids whom she hardly knew any of their relatives.

At the funeral rites to Swabra’s mother, only the elder brother attended because Swabra was in such a dilapidated state that she could not even walk.

Swabra, now nine, is incapable of logical thinking, unable to properly use the toilet, displays signs of loneness, struggles with both verbal and nonverbal expressions.

Physical State

Weak hands.


Medical State

She has no worrying medical issues at the moment.


Loves playing with toes.


Undergoing mainstream education from which she hasn’t benefited much.

Guardian’s request

She needs the organization to help in providing basic needs and education scholarship in a specialized school for Autism. A qualified therapist to help with Sabra’s situation.