Meet Our Top Team Our team defines the kind of reversible management SCAU enjoys. The team is credible enough to efficaciously run the tasks SCAU set out do for the sake of quality of life of the autistic. The team is constituted by a hierarchy of mainly voluntary staff that forms a sufficient management assembly illustrated below.Currently, all the management team reflected in the above structure are entirely voluntary for the sake of a young SCAU.

However, in the near future of service stability and specialised Autism support centres, specific management personnel required on a full time basis will be formally compensated; the Human Resource Officer, Finance Officer, Secretary and Administrative Assistant. Among non-administrative staff (not specifically indicated in the structure) include special needs Assistants, and support staff. The former include Teachers and Instructors as well as Therapist Assistants who will also be formally hired and compensated on a permanent basis.

The support staff are the only workers currently hired on a fulltime basis, namely the Cleaners, Cooks, and Security. SCAU will also rely on externally sourced Consultant technocrats, Contractors and provisional Volunteers. Consultants such as Psychotherapists and Paediatricians will be provisionally hired and compensated. Contractors include project based service providers currently hired through standard tender processes. Provisional Volunteers have since the start of SCAU been occasionally drafted to aid execution of a pending activity; currently SCAU largely depends on this human resource input in its infancy stage. The Meet Our Top Team list below, presents SCAU Executives in charge of strategic decision making and implementation, respectively.