Student information:
Name: Oyopo Mathew Joachim
DOB 23/12/2014
Primary language- Langi
Age- 4 years
Language of instructions: English

Parents/ guardian information:
Apio Esther – relationship to student mother
Home telephone +256 781 472356
Primary language: Langi

Aceng Carol – relationship to student Aunt.
Home tel. +256 772 425790
Primary language: Langi
City- Kampala
Village- Ntinda

History/ background:
Mathew is raised by her mum after the dad gave up on them. She reported history of mental disabilities in the paternal family. She had depression during pregnancy, no birth complications plus delivery at full term with baby weight 2kg.Behavioral difficulties became significant at the age of 2 from then the aunt started researching on what would be his problem. With time he could not respond to his name, eating soil more than other edible items, socially withdrawn. Mathew was taken for a hearing test and found out it he had no problem.

Mathew was assessed and found out: Hyper- reactivity to sensory input plus unusual interests in sensory aspects of the environment with excessive smelling or touching of objects. Significant attention deficit significant deficit in expressive and receptive communication for both verbal and non-verbal. Significant deficits in social-emotional reciprocity.

Other characteristics:
Mathew is insensitive to danger, when hurt his pain doesn’t last the normal time and sleeps for very few hours

Present level of performance: currently Mathew cannot shower independently needs physical assistance to pour soap on the wash cloth, scrub himself with the wash cloth on the back, head (hair) etc. He also needs assistance while using bathroom to sit and remain seated for the entire bathroom exercise. To wipe himself and even wash hands.

Communication skills:
Mathew has significant deficit in expressive and receptive communication for both verbal and non-verbal. He doesn’t point at things in case he needs something, holds your hand and makes you touch what he wants.

 Required intervention:
Speech and language therapy

Mathew needs to be tough to sign language and be provided with other communication gadgets like talkers, iPads etc.
currently caregivers/ guardians communicate using visual cards, pictorials. Sign language will enable him to communicate with a wide range of person- given its standard nature and hence improve social skills.

Immediate intense speech and language therapy sessions to improve on both expressive and receptive communication

Social skills:
Currently the SCAU has a program for community outings where Mathew attends weddings, church, restaurants, hang outs, shopping malls, health camps. This will help Mathew to interact with the community.

Parents request:
Admission to a special school where he can be taught self-care skills i.e. showering, toileting, dressing, management of his hyperactivity meal time etiquette/ protocol is the most preferred.

Help him understand and use simple gestures for communication, improve his eating habits and sleeping pattern

Vision statement:
Our vision is to see Mathew continue to improve in all areas, start learning core skills he doesn’t have now like self-care skills, improve in communication and social community skills and manage his hyper activity
In the next two years Mathew should be able to use bathroom, eat well, sit and eat in an orderly manner, take a shower with minimum assistance or independently.