Nalule is a very unlucky young woman of 27years of age. She was born in 1991 with complications but certain abnormalities like delayed speech and her uncoordinated intellectual state were much more visible as she was growing up. Unfortunately, both her parents died when she turned two years a moment that worsened her process of a normal child growth.

At the age of 10, she started wandering from place to place, looking for food and a warm place to call home but she never succeeded. With her condition, no one was willing to help her, until her stepmother rescued. She would provide her with the little food she could afford but Nalule was so used to loitering from place to place that she did not appreciate this kind gesture.

Along the years, she developed seizures that made her situation became more severe. Her mental state worsened to the point of being unable to understand that she needs to visit the toilet whenever nature called. Her stepmother became extremely bitter and almost abandoned her to an extent that entering into the house was prohibited, instead she sleeps in the outside dilapidated kitchen on rubbished clothes. She became a mess and her odor became fowl since nobody dared to comprehend her situation.


Physical state              


Medical State

Brain Damage

Difficulty in speech


Loitering all day


Tried mainstream education but she lucked concentration

Guardian’s Request

She requires medical attention, pampers and beddings