Mukasa was born a normal kid by C-section

He used to cry throughout the night depriving the family of sleep but they considered it to be a normal predisposition or just a stomach upset.

When he was two years old, he developed a tendency of constantly falling down, severely hurting himself in the process, delayed speech, irritability until his condition became severe, with sunken eyes dropped in the orbits. So he was taken to a nearby health center which was not helpful enough.

At three years old, his mother took him to Masaka Regional referral hospital (recommended) who referred him to Mulago Hospital in Kampala where the doctor prescribed   Carbamazepine tablets, upon taking them, he would become worse with violent shaking (seizures) and constant falls. So the mother stopped giving him these tablets.

His grandmother had to intervene, she advised the mother to resort to herbal treatment because she thought the problem was the work of witchcraft. Though this did not prove to be a viable solution.

Last year, Mukasa’s mother took him back to Masaka Referral Hospital for a check up to get a professional’s confirmation on her child’s condition. With the history of delayed speech, atonic seizures and irritability he was diagnosed with atonic seizures and then referred to Mulago National Referral Hospital for an EEG which correlated with focal epilepsy.

The doctor said that the nerve to the brain had a problem, prescribed the same tablets as before for a week and recommended them to see a psychiatrist and an autism spectrum disorder specialist, so the mother had to try them just one more time but she got the same results.

The violent seizures and constant falls got worse to the extent of causing him ugly wounds and sometimes a swollen head. Recently, Mukasa no longer interacts socially well with his peers, he cannot speak but only utter “Mama” or “Tata” to himself neither can he properly walk on his own, someone has to physically support him even though he is now six.

Physical state

His legs are too weak to move on his own

Medical state

EEG study correlated with focal epilepsy.

Delayed speech, atonic seizures, irritability

Deficits in social interaction with peers


He is only interested in bicycles but he is afraid to ride them.


Mukasa’s mother once enrolled him in a certain school but he had quit because he constantly distracted other children with loud shouts and unnecessary laughing which made them unable to learn. So he is at home.

Guardian’s request

Mukasa’s mother wishes to enroll him in a school that completely understands him.