I wish to express my sincere overwhelmeness to the vast support extended to SCAU since its inception from both the local and international community.
I salute the many people who donated and volunteers who have always reserved their time for this charity. Your dedication and perseverance registers uncomparable milestones to childrens’ daily life therapy(DLT) ,one of our core objectives.
The major annual highlights include the scientific celebration of the world autism awareness month (WAAM) that prioritized sensitization especially through the media houses, intensive networking that facilitated our ability to work with other organizations, online training programs intended to boost our capacity building and an establishment of a competent board that guides and solicit support for the scau.
We’ve been greatly challenged by the global pandemic (Coronavirus) in all aspects of life but still resilient to catchup. We look forward to 2022 and what it has in store . Our team is fully committed to work with all stakeholders with a motive to better the wellbeing of children with developmental disabilities.

Warmest regards
Lwanga ismail jamda